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Wire Mesh Fence Uses Places And Effects

Wire Mesh Fence uses places and effects
Wire Mesh Fence is actually a kind of Wire Mesh Fence, but there is no uniform in the domestic formal Wire Mesh Fence concept, the basic classification of all cars is Wire Mesh Fence. The car usually has two purposes. Car, as a factory, warehouse belongs to indoor car. One is using both sides of the road and railways, or prisons and other local airports or military fortress.
Used in factories, warehouses, mainly due to the need for isolation of the factory warehouse operations, the operating area may change according to the actual at the same time, Wire Mesh Fence of the net body light, simple structure, fast installation, easy maintenance come in handy. For outdoor, such as prison cars, cars at the airport. Usually in isolation from the blade barbed wire, or the mesh itself is made by the blade network. Leaves and this frame Wire Mesh Fence production process is very cumbersome. In addition, the car on both sides of the road is also very wide, especially roads, railways, etc. must be established on both sides of the line of the car to prevent human and animal access, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
The choice of material directly affects the quality of Wire Mesh Fence products, whether the quality standards. First of all, how to choose Wire Mesh Fence mesh, mesh is made of different specifications of the wire welded, the wire directly affects the quality of the mesh, in the selection of silk should be selected by the regular manufacturers of high quality Wire rod pulled out of the finished wire; followed by the mesh of the welding or preparation process, this is mainly to see the technical staff and good production machinery between the skilled and operational capacity, a good mesh is a welding or preparation Point can be a good connection. And then the Wire Mesh Fence frame selection should use high-quality angle and round steel, in different Wire Mesh Fence use of the angle and the choice of steel should also be different. And then the overall spray should pay attention to the uniformity of spray, there is the quality of paint is also essential. This is the main material for Wire Mesh Fence. I will also introduce you to Wire Mesh Fence in the physical installation of the important features.
Wire Mesh Fence materials should be made of ordinary low carbon annealed steel sheet and shall comply with the "carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel hot rolled steel sheet and strip" (GB912-89) or "carbon structural and low alloy structure Steel cold-rolled cold steel plate and strip "(GB11253-89) technical requirements. Metal wire should be made of low carbon steel wire, and should meet the "general purpose low carbon steel wire" (GB343-82) and "general use hot galvanized low carbon steel wire" (YB243-65) requirements. Barbed wire wire should be used low carbon steel wire, and should be consistent with "general purpose low carbon steel wire" (GB343-82) requirements. Wire Mesh Fence and the specifications of the metal mesh size, respectively, according to the size of the metal mesh and Wire Mesh Fence specifications size table selection, can also be designed according to actual needs
Wire Mesh Fence is a Wire Mesh Fence product made of low carbon steel cold drawn low carbon steel wire. It is connected with steel pipe pillar with high strength, good steel, beautiful appearance, wide field of view, easy installation and feeling Bright and relaxed. Wire Mesh Fence is mainly used for highways, railways, airports, and terminal protection. If you want to purchase a good resistance to Wire Mesh Fence can be galvanized + dipped surface treatment. Metal Wire Mesh Fence The first pass of corrosion treatment is galvanized, corrosion resistance is very strong, the second time is spray, dip, a variety of colors spray, dipping make you refreshing. This fence after several years of wind and frost rain and snow, the sun's exposure, or bright as new, anti-ultraviolet ability Green lawn in the white metal Wire Mesh Fence network against the background, look fresh and clean.
The advantages of using Wire Mesh Fence: With high strength, good shape, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy to install, feel bright, light and practical features, mesh and mesh column is very tight, the overall sense of good; Mesh surface strength increased significantly.