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What Is The Application Of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh In Our Life?

What is the application of stainless steel Wire Mesh in our life?
Stainless steel Wire Mesh is a more common kind of screen in our daily life. Stainless steel Wire Mesh can be used for external wall insulation, in the construction of hot-dip galvanized stainless steel Wire Mesh polystyrene board will be placed in the outer wall of the external mold, the outer surface can be used for tile, can play a good external walls Insulation effect.
Application of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in Road Guardrail
The Wire Mesh used for road fence is generally subject to special treatment. Road rails Steel Wire Mesh is generally made of stainless steel wire, itself has a good corrosion resistance, but due to long-term exposure to the air, long-term by the air and rain water substances in the corrosion, therefore, Wire Mesh production is usually used galvanized , Plastic, plastic and other methods for its surface treatment. This can better improve the corrosion resistance of steel Wire Mesh, to extend its service life.
Application of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in Automobile Water Tank
Car water tank maintenance has always been a headache for the owners of things, here is the most vulnerable to contaminated areas, in the running of a variety of dust impurities mixed with oil so that the surface of the tank looks dirty, not only the surface dirty also Resulting in other parts of the car run by the adverse effects, such as air conditioning, lack of cold, high fuel consumption, water tank temperature is high or even the middle of the anchor.
The most straightforward way to solve the pollution from the water tank is to install the protective net. The special protective net is made of specially made stainless steel Wire Mesh and high temperature resistant rubber. This kind of protective net can effectively block the invasion of debris such as flying dust. The process can be self-shedding, to avoid cleaning the heat sink distortion and other damage; can effectively reduce the load on the engine to reduce the high temperature evaporation, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
Application of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in Air Conditioning
Now every home is equipped with air conditioning, especially in the hot summer, open air conditioning on the restless heart immediately calm down, but some air conditioning do not know why, blowing the wind and no cool, even with the A break on the time off, people are very upset, in fact, this is not a big problem, more often just some inconspicuous place out of the fault, such as stainless steel Wire Mesh, may be stainless steel wire for a long time Do not use the plot of a thick layer of dust, so that cold air can not be a good blow out. As for the time is not long on a lot of problems, it must be product is not formal, when we choose stainless steel Wire Mesh, we must choose the regular production of the manufacturer.
Stainless steel Wire Mesh for the printing industry, its biggest feature is a high strength and elastic modulus, and stainless steel mesh plane stability, screen size and stability. Even in the great tension, the elongation is also very small, not easy to deformation, so stainless steel mesh screen is more suitable for precision printing; at the same time as a result of stainless steel Wire Mesh can be prepared high mesh screen, the thickness of the network uniform , High yield point, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good ink permeability, with conductivity, thermal conductivity, but also for heating and printing characteristics, are more suitable for printing high-precision products.
Stainless steel elasticity is very small, in the printing process back to the network slow, imprinted edge easy to cut the edge of the printed image blurred; due to the plastic deformation of stainless steel Wire Mesh, once the stretch is not easy to recover, The longer the impact of overprint, due to its large rigidity, by the external impact will cause the network surface depression, crease or even fracture, and difficult to restore the prototype. And stainless steel mesh screen version of the poor light transmission and other deficiencies.