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What Is The Advantage Of Folding Storage Cage?

What is the advantage of Folding Storage Cage?

Folding Storage Cage with bending, anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich colors, to make the packing box Folding Storage Cage can be used for flow and can be used in the finished product packaging of shipment, lightweight, durable, can be stacked. Can be used in hardware, Folding Storage Cage electronics, mechanical parts, refrigeration, storage, transportation and other industries. Can acid and alkali resistant, oil - resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used in the food, clean and convenient, the spare parts turnover convenient, Folding Storage Cage tidy, easy to manage. The Folding Storage Cage can be used for various kinds of storage, production site, etc.

The Folding Storage Cage is also called a storage cage; Have the storage item fixed, stacking clean, storage at a glance. The Folding Storage Cage structure is convenient for inventory counting and other advantages, as well as the efficient utilization of storage space. In addition, the Folding Storage Cage is durable, easy to transport and can be reused, which can effectively reduce the manpower consumption and packaging cost of the warehouse enterprises.

Folding Storage Cage is an internationally used logistics container with similar functions to pallets. Widely used for temporary storage, transportation, sorting and storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Its function has been deep into the fields of production, Folding Storage Cage circulation and consumption. It has been through the process of storage, packaging, loading and unloading, handling, storage and transportation. Facilitate the warehouse inventory, can be stacked each other to four layer height, realize the three-dimensional storage, use strong steel spot welding and become, make more solid structure, convenient operation, wide application, long service life.

By using the folding structure, the space can be folded up to 20% of the space and the storage space utilization of the enterprise can be greatly improved. It can effectively reduce the packing cost of the enterprise by welding with high quality steel, which is hard and durable. Adopting international standard, it can be used with container, which can make full use of container space, thus effectively reducing the transportation cost of enterprises.

It can be used in combination with crane, plug, lift or other transportation equipment, which can help automation to save the labor cost.

The capacity is fixed, the code is clean, easy to inventory. Can replace stereo warehouse to use.

Adopt 100% metal combination design to avoid fumigation during export and comply with the requirements of eu, Canada and the United States for all Chinese goods packaging materials entering the country. It is an ideal substitute for wooden cases.

The surface treatment of Folding Storage Cage is mainly divided into: galvanized and sprayed.

Folding Storage Cage galvanizing: zinc plating is the surface treatment technology that is used to coat the surface of metal, alloy or other materials with zinc to create a beautiful, anti-rust, etc. The main method is hot galvanizing.

Zinc is soluble in acids and is soluble in alkali, so it is called amphoteric metal. Zinc is almost unchanged in the dry air. In humid air, the zinc surface produces a dense alkaline zinc carbonate film. In the atmosphere of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and Marine atmosphere, zinc is less corrosion-resistant, Folding Storage Cage especially in the atmosphere of high temperature and wet organic acid, the zinc coating is easily corroded. Zinc standard electrode potential is 0.76 V, for iron and steel matrix, the zinc coating belongs to the anode sex coating, it is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel, the pros and cons of the protective performance and coating thickness of the relationship. The protective and decorative properties of zinc coating can be improved by passivation, dyeing or coating.