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The Main Features Of The Wire Mesh Fence

The main features of the Wire Mesh Fence
The construction of the Wire Mesh Fence is simple, the material is small, the processing fee is low, which is convenient for remote transportation, so the project cost is low; the bottom of the fence is built with the brick and concrete wall, which effectively overcomes the weakness of the rigidity of the net and enhances the protective performance. Is now a large amount of customers generally accepted.
Main features 1. Simple structure of the product with less material, and thus the project cost is low; 2. Very easy to remote transport; 3. The bottom of the fence and brick wall built as one, effectively overcome the weakness of the network shortcomings, enhanced protection Performance; 4. installation is not affected by terrain terrain, especially for hilly areas; Wire Mesh Fence 5. efficient anti-corrosion long life main market golf field / ski resort network closed mountain development protected land cultivation agricultural development zone road traffic closed, Temporary use of fence wire.
Wire Mesh Fence as a very flexible assembly of the fence products, the product can be made into a permanent use of the wall, but also can be used as a temporary isolation network, just use a different way to fix the column can be achieved. Preparation method Wire Mesh Fence using high-quality wire rod as a raw material, wire mesh fence through the galvanized, coated primer and high adhesion powder coating three layers of protective welding mesh, with a long time anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet characteristics. In this hood the surface treatment for the galvanizing and spraying, can also choose one, the top cover with plastic cover or rain cap. According to the environment and installation of different ways, you can choose buried 50cm, plus base, etc.. The Wire Mesh Fence mesh and column by the screw and all kinds of special plastic or iron clip. All the screws are automatic anti-theft. The accessories used can also be designed according to the specific requirements of customers. Installation for the municipal fence, garden flower beds, green space, roads, airports, green fences, railway closed network, Wire Mesh Fence highway closed network, field fence, community fence, a variety of stadiums industrial and mining school isolation and protection.
For the bilateral fence in the installation and construction should pay attention to several issues 1, in the installation of bilateral fence to accurately grasp the various facilities of the information, in particular, buried in the roadbed in the exact location of the various channels in the construction process is not allowed Any damage to the underground facilities. 2, and then to the fence column into the deep column, the column should not be pulled out of correction, the need to re-reinforce the base and then into, or adjust the column position. Attention should be paid to control the hammering force when approaching depth in construction. 3, if the highway bridge installed on the installation of the flange, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the top of the column elevation control. 4, if the use of bilateral fence as a fence barrier, the appearance of the product depends on the quality of the construction process, the construction should pay attention to the preparation of construction and pile driver combination, and constantly sum up experience, strengthen the construction management, the isolation grid installation quality Guarantee. Technical specifications 1, after dipping silk by 3.5mm - 5.5mm;
Wire Mesh Fence classification: active protection and passive protection. Application of Wire Mesh Fence in Expressway Railway Landslide. Wire Mesh Fence, also known as slope protection network, titanium grams network and other high slope caused by high slope slope protection reasons are: 1, under the roadbed for the instability of the natural sliding body; 2, both sides of the road slope is too steep; 4, the soil is too wet, reducing the cohesion and internal friction; 5, the foot of the foot was washed with water. 6, due to the construction of highways, the stability of the individual sections of the rock was destroyed, in particular, the rock formation toward the direction of the slope, and then the destruction of water or earthquake caused by the role. 7, the road on both sides of the mountain rock itself structure and composition of instability. 8, debris flow brought destruction.