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The Difference Between Galvanizing And Post - Galvanizing Of Welded Wire Mesh Panel

The difference between galvanizing and post - galvanizing of Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Welded Wire Mesh Panel is widely used in the application process has been widely known to consumers, understand the wire mesh products friends must know that the wire mesh according to its anti-corrosion process can be divided into PVC wire mesh and Welded Wire Mesh Panel, and galvanized wire Network is divided into hot-dip Welded Wire Mesh Panel and cold Welded Wire Mesh Panel, dipping wire mesh and hot Welded Wire Mesh Panel we have often talked about, today we come to understand the cold Welded Wire Mesh Panel.

Cold Welded Wire Mesh Panel is also known as electro-Welded Wire Mesh Panel, cold Welded Wire Mesh Panel is divided into the first after the galvanized and galvanized after welding two, the two cold Welded Wire Mesh Panel before we in the "cold What is the difference between the Welded Wire Mesh Panel and the wire mesh wire mesh?

After the first galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Panel advantages and disadvantages:

The first Welded Wire Mesh Panel is the first wire through the galvanized equipment will be coated with a layer of zinc layer, and then after the galvanized wire for warp and weft welding. The drawback of this process is that the overheating current during the welding process melts the zinc layer on the surface of the wire into a solder joint, where the solder joints are susceptible to rusting and the service life of the wire mesh is affected. The advantages are: can be made of coarse wire mesh, the first galvanizing process can be thicker wire first galvanized and then through the row of welding machine for welding, and into the roll of coarse wire mesh because of its strong hardness in some cases It can not be cold galvanized.

After the advantages and disadvantages of Welded Wire Mesh Panel:

After the Welded Wire Mesh Panel is in the wire through the row of welding machine welded into a network after the cold galvanized treatment, this process to produce the wire mesh without solder joints, and welding firm, and thicker zinc layer, can be better To do the anti-corrosion effect, the drawback is that the price than the first Welded Wire Mesh Panel prices to be higher. So people in the purchase of wire mesh must be based on their actual situation and focus on the choice to buy.

After many years of our thinking and understanding of the wire mesh, the life of the Welded Wire Mesh Panel can be as long as 10 years, if the application in the unattended areas such as building wall insulation wire mesh, its life can be as high as 40 Years old

Welded Wire Mesh Panel inspection standards: 1. First with a micrometer to measure the diameter of galvanized wire uniform and maintained at the contract signed up and down about 0.02mm, the appearance of neat, no leakage plating, no silk. 2. Take galvanized wire 20cm for acid mist test, through the balance to detect the amount of zinc on the wire mesh to meet customer requirements of the zinc standard to ensure that the wire to achieve the role of anti-rust anti-corrosion to meet customer requirements of the service life. 3. Weld wire inspection standard appearance requirements of the packaging intact, bundled neat and orderly, tied wire ends inward, to prevent the handling of personnel caused by scratches.

Welded Wire Mesh Panel inspection standards also include tensile test, this one is based on customer orders galvanized wire order material decision, the need for a single material to compare the material to detect.

  Welded Wire Mesh Panel by the solid, moisture-proof hard paper box made of the use of the process does not appear in the deformation of the screen, the damage occurred. Wire mesh generally use stainless steel wire, nickel wire, brass wire for the material. Wire weaving dense network in the weft dense arrangement, Welded Wire Mesh Panel there are plain weave, twill weave, plain weave knitting, twill Dutch weaving, reverse the Netherlands weaving five methods. Nickel tape has a ferromagnetic metal element, it can be highly polished and resistant to corrosion. Mainly used in alloys (such as nickel and nickel) and used as catalysts (such as pull nickel, especially for hydrogenation of the catalyst). Is the preferred raw material for making wire mesh.