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Storage Cage To Achieve The Perfect Combination Of High Efficiency And Safety

Storage Cage to achieve the perfect combination of high efficiency and safety
Storage Cage for the modern logistics shelf technical and convenient, although the shelf logistics equipment structure is simple, but inside the technical content upgrade is self-evident. Only its Storage Cage structure design rationality and ease of installation has been fully demonstrated, showing the superiority is obvious to all. Due to the substantial increase in storage and logistics technology, storage shelves in ensuring the absolute safety of the premise of greatly improving the storage density, storage equipment and make access more convenient and quick, so as to achieve the perfect combination of high efficiency and safety. Really help enterprises to maximize the storage capacity to deal with.
Storage Cage, also known as Storage Cage, because of its high bearing capacity, plasticity, is widely used in warehousing and logistics process. As well as the international standardization of logistics Storage Cage, widely used in raw materials, semi-finished products, finished storage. Storage Cage use advantages: the use of Storage Cage storage of goods specifications uniform, fixed capacity, storage at a glance, easy to inventory. Can use a variety of handling equipment for handling, the stack can be four layers, to achieve three-dimensional storage; empty cage storage storage, save space. Easy to use, galvanized surface treatment, anti-industrial and outdoor environmental corrosion, long service life. The use of a strong steel bar welded together, the bottom of the U-shaped steel welded reinforcement, so that the structure is more robust. With the handling equipment, widely used in transportation, handling, handling, storage and other logistics links, reduce costs and improve efficiency. In the Storage Cage with million board or cardboard, can effectively protect the surface easy to scratch the items.
Storage Cage structure features: simple operation, wide range of uses, the service life can be up to ten years. With forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks, casters and tractors before and after, can be widely used in transportation, handling, handling materials, storage and other logistics links. Metal reinforcement structure to ensure the stability of the Storage Cage between the stack; special foot structure, can make the Storage Cage itself heap high stability. Warehouse Equipment Storage Cage is a common product in the turnover of logistics container units. Widely used in three-dimensional warehouse, production workshop, logistics and distribution centers and so on.
Now, in the field of warehousing and logistics, Storage Cage can be described as an indispensable tool, its extensive application makes the enterprise logistics turnover becomes simple, turnover efficiency has been significantly improved. So what are the advantages of Storage Cage in the end?
1, Storage Cage durable, long service life, and has a folding structure, can effectively improve the operating efficiency, can save other packaging losses, reduce maintenance and repair costs.
2, Storage Cage with uniform specifications, the capacity of the fixed characteristics of the storage of goods at a glance, easy inventory inventory statistics, can help enterprises to complete the storage of goods efficiently.
3, Storage Cage can be used to store multi-storey way to achieve three-dimensional warehouse logistics effect, not only saves the use of space, improve the utilization of the warehouse, but also can facilitate the logistics management.
4, the use of Storage Cage to store the goods, beautiful, clean, size specifications, especially for quality and standardized management, can effectively enhance the corporate image.
Storage Cage to facilitate the rationalization of warehousing management: uniform specifications, capacity fixed, storage at a glance, easy inventory inventory, and can be a separate layer of small amount of unloading material, to avoid the trouble of opening. Saving space: the use of stacking machine, lift, crane, can be stacked four high, resulting in three-dimensional storage effect, when not in use, foldable accumulation, and only the original use of space 20%. The work of a unified: with the stacking machine, crane, trolley, lift, hydraulic pallet truck or other transport equipment, since the beginning of raw materials into the plant, regardless of several processing, finished to the finished storage in the warehouse, and finally sent to the customer Hands, can use this container. Not only to reduce damage in handling and save a lot of labor costs. Easy to use: the special design of the container folding, simple and safe operation, folding and expansion of light, no space, the application of large, long service life. Rugged and durable: the container structure is strong, the use of strong steel spot welding, the bottom of the U-slot welding reinforcement, coupled with a special tripod, so that the operation more secure and fast, in fact, one of the most favorable work sector appliance.