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Rational Application Of Folding Storage Cage Design

Folding Storage Cage Folding storage cage design of the rationality of application Folding storage cage is a very important storage and transportation of a class of logistics containers, with the storage capacity of a fixed, stacked clean, storage at a glance, easy inventory and other advantages, but also improve the efficient use of storage space rate. Folding storage cage can be free to fold, when not in use can be folded storage, saving storage space.

  So when designing a folding storage cage, how should it be considered for its usefulness? Dalian Yifeng Warehousing Products Co., Ltd. as the northeastern region of professional folding storage cage manufacturers, accumulated years of production experience, we believe that the main can be considered from the following three aspects:

  1, folding storage cage to be based on plant structure

  Storage equipment selection rack should be considered under the effective height of the beam to determine the shelf height. While the beam position will affect the shelf configuration. Floor strength, ground flatness is also related to the design and installation of the shelves. In addition, you should also consider the installation of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities.

  2, folding storage cage according to the characteristics of the items to design

  In the storage of goods shape and size, directly related to the selection of shelf specifications, the weight of stored items directly affect the choice of what kind of strength of the shelf. The units of storage, in what units to store, tray (pallet) or folding storage cage or a single product has a different type of shelf selection. Also estimate the total number of reserves, must take into account the company's growth needs in the next two years. This information can be obtained through the storage system analysis, but also require folding storage cage manufacturers in the design before giving some professional advice.

  3, access to the folding storage cage

  Folding Storage Cage In general, the access and storage density are relative. That is, in order to obtain a higher storage density, the access to the item must be relative to the sacrifice. Although some types of shelves can get better storage density, but relative to its storage management is more complex, and often can not be done first-in first-out control. The best of course the three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be developed, access and storage density is superb, but the relative cost of investment is more expensive. So what type of storage equipment used, can be said that the compromise of various factors, but also a strategy of application.