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Play The Maximum Function Of Folding Storage Cage

Play the maximum function of Folding Storage Cage

How to get the most out of the storage cage from the overall storage knowledge

More and more large enterprises began to contact and use Folding Storage Cage products for warehousing management.

So in order to make Folding Storage Cage products play an increasingly important role in the storage, how should we regulate the storage management system and the correct use of Folding Storage Cage products, how to correctly from the overall storage knowledge to play the maximum storage cage function

1. Integrated shipping consolidation is an economic benefit of warehousing through which the integrated warehouse receives materials from a range of manufacturing plants designated for delivery to a specific quantity and then integrates them into a single one-vote shipment.

2. Class operations receive orders from the manufacturer's customer portfolio and ship them to individual customers. Sorting warehouses or sorting stations sorting or dividing the order order into individual orders and arranging the local transportation department to deliver. As long-distance transport is the transfer of large quantities, so the transport costs are relatively low, it is not difficult to track.

3. Processing / deferral warehouses can also be used to delay or delay production by undertaking processing or participation in a small number of manufacturing activities. A warehouse with packaging or tagging can delay the last production of the product until it knows the demand for the product.

4. The direct economic benefits of the stockpiling of such warehousing services are subordinate to the fact that storage is of the utmost importance to the chosen business. The stockpile provides inventory buffering to increase productivity by restricting production activities to material sources and customer needs.

Electrostatic spray is the use of powder coating powder coating equipment to the surface of the workpiece, under static electricity, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powder coating; powder coating through high temperature baking leveling, (Powder coating different types of effects) the final coating; powder spray coating effect in the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other aspects of the traditional process, the cost is also the same effect of the painting under.

Compared with the traditional process, the advantages of powder coating:

1, efficient: because it is a one-time film, can increase the productivity of 30-40%

2, energy saving: reduce energy consumption of about 30%

3, less pollution: no organic solvent evaporation (excluding paint coatings in toluene, xylene and other harmful gases).

4, high utilization of paint: up to 95% or more, and the powder can be used after repeated use.

5, the coating performance is good: one-time film thickness of up to 50-100μm, its adhesion, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive indicators better than the paint process.

6, low scrap rate: in the uncured before the second heavy spray can be carried out.

Our production of Folding Storage Cage is the main surface treatment is electrostatic spray treatment