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How To Use Folding Storage Cage To Improve The Use Of Space?

How to use Folding Storage Cage to improve the use of space?
To guide enterprises to establish a "three-dimensional view", make use of inefficient use, this year the Government introduced "on strengthening land management to enhance the quality of land use a number of opinions" to encourage enterprises in the original plant on the basis of renovation, expansion, industrial production enterprises through Plant plus layer and other ways to improve land use, no longer increase or adjust the land price, and reduce the urban construction supporting costs.
Into a company's production of the main workshop, a row of three-dimensional steel structure folding storage box is particularly interesting. Folding Storage Cage is divided into four to five layers, as many as eight layers, the cage placed a large number of molds and kitchen utensils parts, the whole shop is neat and orderly, every corner has been rationalized use. Advocate to the space to the site, so as to achieve the maximum output per unit area.
Such as the development zone enterprises through years of scale expansion, the original land has been basically run out. How to expand the space to undertake capacity "overflow", as enterprises must face the reality of the subject. In the current development zone of land under the general tension of the status quo, and actively do a good job examining and approving services to guide enterprises to 'space to land', through the plant floor, the old factory transformation, internal consolidation and other ways to improve the level of intensive land use.
Development zone enterprises intensive conservation of land increasingly strong sense of the use of multi-layer Folding Storage Cage, making the plant has been the greatest degree of effective use, and now the actual use of the space area, the equivalent of several times the plant floor area.
Modern warehousing is not in the traditional sense of the warehouse management, but to meet the needs of the upstream and downstream supply chain for the purpose of relying on warehouse facilities and information technology, access to goods, storage, processing, packaging, sorting, distribution and information Effective planning, execution and control of logistics activities.
The essence of warehousing is the management and control of inventory. How does the Folding Storage Cage play the role of warehousing management and control inventory?
One: dynamic management. Traditional storage is mainly on the warehouse and the static management of goods, the storage of goods as much as possible; modern Folding Storage Cage storage is the dynamic management of goods, the core is to control the inventory of goods, storage of goods as little as possible, goods out of the warehouse The more the better frequency, the faster the better. Folding Storage Cage with hydraulic car, forklift has a strong turnover capacity, is the factory enterprises to improve the efficiency of the necessary warehouse!
Two: value-added services. Traditional warehousing service function is single, mainly warehousing management; modern Folding Storage Cage storage service is multi-functional, integration, value-added. The so-called "value-added" has two meanings: First, the value added in the sense of political economy, that is, for customers, to create value for their own business services; Second, relative to traditional services, relative to the basic requirements of customers in terms of innovative services, Warehousing management, as well as processing, packaging, sorting, distribution, information and information, financing and so on.
Three: mechanization and automation operations. Traditional warehousing to hand-based operations, modern warehousing to mechanized operations, both automated operations. Folding Storage Cage can be used with industrial conveyors, cranes, stackers and lifts to move and carry, with the use of shelves, trays, etc., can make the warehouse mechanization and automation operations. To meet the factory business speed, accuracy, height, weight, repeat access and efficient handling and other requirements!