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How Does The Folding Storage Cage Identify The Quality?

How does the Folding Storage Cage identify good quality and bad? Today, weaving a small pool and everyone to look at a detailed look:
1. Material compliance can not be said that the Folding Storage Cage on the qualified, mesh and Folding Storage Cage base of the welding must be welded firmly, the mesh of each wire should be welded at the junction, can not have welding, leakage welding phenomenon, Folding Storage Cage base must be full of welding, so as to ensure strength.
2. Folding Storage Cage as a whole are basically high-line + channel, high-line material determines the overall use of Folding Storage Cage strength, Folding Storage Cage bearing a large part of the bottom of the tank above, so the thickness of the channel It is determined that the carrying capacity of the Folding Storage Cage can not be achieved.
3. Folding Storage Cage surface galvanized thickness of not less than 8um, the surface bright, no spots, and Folding Storage Cage surface is not waiting for such phenomena. This is the production of some of the details of the problem, Folding Storage Cage exports to Japan, Europe and the United States are more, foreigners pay more attention to detail. We have been exporting the standard to produce inventory to meet customer needs at any time, anywhere!
Storage Folding Storage Cage generally heavier products such as machinery, hardware, electrical appliances, stamping parts, die castings, auto parts, etc., these industries are managed Folding Storage Cage some requirements. The main bearing diameter Folding Storage Cage, mesh size has a great relationship. Folding Storage Cage lines thicker, greater intensity, the overall force will be better; cage grid spacing smaller force area increased passenger capacity will increase. On the contrary, the larger storage cage, the pressure point is small, it has a weight cage, Folding Storage Cage carrying capacity will be weakened. Line is the same reason, the more thin lines, the worse the cage. However, the diameter and grid spacing are not exactly determined by the folding capacity of the stacked iron baskets and the quality of the factors that are good or bad, as well as the basic channel and process quality factors. The butterfly cage base is roughly the bottom of the U-shaped channel, such as the following welded steel wire cross thicker, the number of more power will naturally be more stable, so there are often customers to strengthen the bottom plus a required force for both channels. Another factor in the influence and quality factor is the folding of the storage cage process, such as welding quality, the depth of welding is deep enough, spot welding is firm and is not easy to escape from the Folding Storage Cage usually live more permanently.
Folding Storage Cage summarizes the capacity of the stacking cage thickness, the size of the grid gap, the thickness and number of the base channel, and the Folding Storage Cage welding depth of the main influencing factors. Wait. In short, the composition of a Folding Storage Cage bearing size and quality of good or bad by many factors determine the quality of a cage and bearing strength, if the simple weight and price is a misunderstanding.
More importantly, the Folding Storage Cage bar code management to promote the transformation of corporate management model, from the traditional rely on experience management to rely on accurate digital analysis and management, after the management into a management, real-time management, speed up the cash flow, Improve the supply chain response speed, which will enhance the company's overall competitiveness.
Folding Storage Cage, with the storage capacity of a fixed, stacked neat, storage at a glance, easy inventory and other advantages, but also improve the efficient use of storage space. In addition, the product is durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage business of human consumption and packaging costs. This product is not only used in the factory production workshop, but also can be used for supermarkets as a display promotion and warehousing. The improved Folding Storage Cage can be placed on shelves, pipelines, and stacking. Folding Storage Cages with wheels can be easily and easily handled in the workshop. Folding Storage Cages with PVC plates or iron plates prevent small pieces from missing.