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How Does The Barbed Wire Play The Role Of Warehousing Management And Control Inventory

How does the Barbed Wire play the role of warehousing management and control inventory
Modern warehousing is not in the traditional sense of the warehouse management, but to meet the needs of the upstream and downstream supply chain for the purpose of relying on warehouse facilities and information technology, access to goods, storage, processing, packaging, sorting, distribution and information Effective planning, execution and control of logistics activities.
The essential feature of warehousing is the management and control of inventory. How does Barbed Wire play the role of warehousing management and control inventory?
    One: dynamic management. Traditional warehousing is mainly on the warehouse and the static management of goods, the storage of goods as much as possible; modern warehousing is the dynamic management of goods, the core is to control the inventory of goods, storage of goods as little as possible, the more goods out of the warehouse The better, the faster the better. Barbed Wire with hydraulic vehicles, forklifts with a strong turnover, is the factory enterprises to improve the efficiency of the necessary warehouse!
    Two: value-added services. Traditional warehousing service function is single, mainly warehousing management; modern warehousing service is multi-functional, integrated, value-added. The so-called "value-added" has two meanings: First, the value of political economy, that is, for customers, for their own business to create value; Second, relative to traditional services, relative to the basic requirements of customers in terms of innovative services, Warehousing management, as well as processing, packaging, sorting, distribution, information and information, financing and so on.
    Three: mechanization and automation operations. Traditional warehousing to hand-based operations, modern warehousing to mechanized operations, both automated operations. Barbed Wire can be used with industrial conveyors, cranes, stackers and lifts to move and carry, with the use of shelves, trays, etc., can make the warehouse mechanization and automation operations. To meet the factory business speed, accuracy, height, weight, repeat access and efficient handling requirements! The same time as the above-
    Four: information management. Traditional warehouse management rely on the account + stack card; modern warehouse management using computer information systems (such as WMS warehouse management system). Barbed Wire can be affixed with bar code, so that the warehouse management process fine control, the results are correct and correct!
The mechanical automation of Barbed Wire and warehouses has brought great benefits to factories and enterprises. Mainly in:
    1. Data collection in a timely manner, the process of precision management, fully automated intelligent guidance, improve work efficiency;
2. Precise location management, comprehensive state monitoring, make full use of limited warehouse space;
    3. Goods shelves and shelves, all intelligent first-in first-out automatically allocated upper and lower shelf location, to avoid human error;
    4. Real-time control of inventory, reasonable to maintain and control business inventories;
    5. Through the automatic collection of batch information, to achieve the product production or sales process traceability.
More importantly, the Barbed Wire bar code management to promote the transformation of the company's management model, from the traditional rely on experience management to rely on accurate digital analysis and management, after the management into a management, real-time management, speed up the cash flow, Chain response speed, which will enhance the company's overall competitiveness.