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Folding Storage Cage To Achieve The Perfect Combination Of High Efficiency And Safety

Folding Storage Cage to achieve the perfect combination of high efficiency and safety
Warehouse cage for the modern logistics shelf technical and convenient, although the shelf logistics equipment structure is simple, but inside the technical content upgrade is self-evident. Only its Folding Storage Cage structure design rationality and ease of installation has been fully demonstrated, showing the superiority is obvious to all. Due to the substantial increase in warehousing and logistics technology, storage shelves to ensure the absolute security under the premise of greatly improving the storage density, storage equipment and make access more convenient and quick, so as to achieve the perfect combination of high efficiency and safety. Really help enterprises to maximize the storage capacity to deal with.
Folding Storage Cage, also known as warehouse cage, because of its high bearing capacity, plasticity, is widely used in warehousing and logistics process. As well as the international standardization of logistics storage cage, widely used in raw materials, semi-finished products, finished storage. Folding Storage Cage use advantages: the use of warehouse cage storage of goods specifications uniform, fixed capacity, storage at a glance, easy to inventory. Can use a variety of handling equipment for handling, the stack can be four layers, to achieve three-dimensional storage; empty cage storage storage, save space. Easy to use, galvanized surface treatment, anti-industrial and outdoor environmental corrosion, long service life. Using a strong steel bar welding, the bottom of the U-shaped steel welded reinforcement, so that the structure is more robust. With the handling equipment, widely used in transportation, handling, handling, storage and other logistics links, reduce costs and improve efficiency. In the warehouse cage with million board or cardboard, can effectively protect the surface easy to scratch the items.
Folding Storage Cage structure features: simple operation, wide range of uses, the service life can be up to ten years. With forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks, casters and tractors before and after, can be widely used in transportation, handling, handling materials, storage and other logistics links. The metal reinforcement structure ensures the stability of the stacked storage cage between each other; the special foot structure allows the stack of storage cages to be highly stable. Warehouse Equipment Warehouse Cage is a common product in the turnover of logistics container units. Widely used in three-dimensional warehouse, production workshop, logistics and distribution centers and so on.
Folding Storage Cage as a whole are basically high-line + channel, high-line material determines the overall use of Folding Storage Cage strength, in general, manufacturers need to provide high-line material reports, large steel mills are generally higher than the line Small steel plant material is better, Folding Storage Cage bearing a large part of the channel is above, so the thickness of the channel determines the Folding Storage Cage load can not meet the standard.
Folding Storage Cage surface galvanized thickness of not less than 8um, the surface bright, no spots, and Folding Storage Cage surface without waiting and so on. This is the production of some of the details of the problem, Folding Storage Cage exports to Japan, Europe and the United States are more, foreigners pay more attention to detail.
Material compliance can not be said that the Folding Storage Cage on the qualified, mesh and Folding Storage Cage base of the welding must be welded firmly, the mesh of each wire should be welded at the junction, can not have the phenomenon of welding, leakage welding, Folding Storage Cage The base must be full of welding, so as to ensure strength.
Folding Storage Cages can be used not only for factory production plants but also for supermarkets as promotional and warehousing. Improved Folding Storage Cage can be placed in the shelves, pipelines, but also stacking, with wheels folded storage cage can be quickly and easily in the workshop turnover, with PVC board or iron plate Folding Storage Cage to prevent missing small pieces.
Folding Storage Cage is the bottom with four wheels, all four can be closed, one side of the door, which can be as small as a few layers of shelf, you can not stratify, to see their own purposes. Mainly used for small pieces of goods classified code put, easy to move, you can directly push the storage cage to the delivery station or warehouse anywhere, the use of very convenient. While avoiding backlog and loss of goods. In fact, is a cage car.
The new plant needs a number of warehouse cage, used to turn the goods to facilitate inventory inventory and other advantages, but also improve the efficient use of storage space. In addition, the Folding Storage Cage is durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage business of human consumption and packaging costs.