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External Wall Insulation Used In The Specifications Of The Wire Mesh

The state of its use of the standard is a certain standard, below, barbed wire Xiaobian to tell you about what is the national standard of steel Wire Mesh. Steel Wire Mesh national standard for the use of steel Wire Mesh specifications have certain requirements, the specific indicators of the size of the mesh, silk, square meters of steel, galvanized, etc., mainly to consider the corrosion resistance of steel Wire Mesh and external wall insulation system safety. Diameter to match the size of the grid to use, not just the size of the diameter, for the plaster layer is used in the grid should not be greater than 20 × 20, the diameter is not easy to less than 1 mm. The role of steel Wire Mesh in the external plaster is mainly from the security point of view of the anti-off a measure, because the problem for the anti-cracking effect is relatively small, and for the external wall insulation system is the use of decorative surface, as There are two main aspects of the role: the first anti-off is followed by anti-cracking, so you should choose the network is 10 × 10 × 0.6, these are some of the experience of choice, Wire Mesh conversion from the country's Wire Mesh Specifications, the use of steel grade conversion. Galvanizing is more critical than the wire diameter, galvanized is very important, must be used hot-dip method, the first welding after plating than the first plating is better, as the wire diameter, to consider the site construction and meet the safety needs, 0.7 is good.
The specification of the specifications of the Wire Mesh is the expression of the relationship between the filament and the mesh. The steel mesh is generally used for the protection, and the application standard of the application of the steel bar is used. The performance of the Wire Mesh in the performance of the standard performance is the silk and silk by welding when the performance of the mesh size of the scale of the standard expression.
In the market which the production of galvanized steel Wire Mesh manufacturers continue to increase, which gives us the choice of the appropriate galvanized steel Wire Mesh to bring convenience at the same time will bring inconvenience.
Galvanized steel Wire Mesh manufacturers to increase the choice of our surface is more broad, the choice of galvanized steel mesh specifications more, and only then we can choose to the most suitable for their own needs galvanized steel mesh, to make their own Work smoothly with the development. Beneficial to the opposite will bring adverse, the increase in the manufacturer, not every galvanized steel mesh quality are good qualified, so we buy unqualified galvanized steel Wire Mesh even greater probability, so the We should be more careful when buying.
With the continuous improvement of everyone days, we more and more like high-quality goods, and stainless steel products to many advantages, and gradually surfaced, into a variety of goods in the leader, stainless steel goods into what you like, Was widely applied to everyone's day.
Stainless steel Wire Mesh is not easy to rust, the use of the process can always keep the light as new, it looks more than other similar products more beautiful role, so many people choose to buy the first choice. Stainless steel Wire Mesh has a strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability, which makes stainless steel Wire Mesh into the outside of the barrier is the first choice, due to the outside of the fence to long time to enjoy the wind and rain, this anti- And antioxidant ability, it has a longer life, which has become another reason to buy stainless steel goods.
The steel mesh for the farm is absolutely ventilated and breathable after use. The steel mesh for the farm is made of galvanized wire / stainless steel wire. Currently widely used on the market is hot galvanized welded Wire Mesh, and very durable, probably able to use about seven years. Its production process is also very simple.
The steel Wire Mesh for the farm has the characteristics of vertical feeding, easy management, saving of the site, effective prevention of infectious diseases and so on, and also beneficial to the survival rate of poultry. In the use of the process to pay attention to cleaning problems, the cage of the health should be cleaned, can not make the cage inside the wet and so on. Should be placed 40 cm or more from the ground, and should be ventilated and breathable.