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Buy The Attention Of The Barbed Wire

Buy the attention of the Barbed Wire
Buy Barbed Wire first to understand the knowledge of Barbed Wire, the following barbed Barbed Wire on the Barbed Wire specifications, prices and other related issues to do the next.
First, the Barbed Wire specifications
1, barbed wire Material: low-carbon cold drawn wire Q235 or Q195 galvanized wire, etc. (generally used Q195 material), according to your needs.
2, barbed wire column: generally by the tube (φ48 φ60 φ75) rectangular tube (40 * 40 40 * 60 50 * 50 60 * 60 40 * 80 50 * 70 80 * 80), the thickness of your choice according to your needs.
3, barbed wire frame: generally by the tube (φ19 φ22 φ32) rectangular tube (14 * 20 20 * 30 30 * 30), the thickness of your choice according to your needs.
4, barbed wire accessories: generally I made the screw accessories for hot-dip galvanized screws or galvanized screws, such as customer requirements using stainless steel screws, please explain in advance.
Second, the barbed wire price accounting required specification information: (the following specifications and price directly linked)
1, the size of the mesh are generally rectangular holes. Other holes can also be done. Whether the bending or bending a few, clear specifications
2, the thickness of the wire diameter (mesh thickness) after surface treatment or surface treatment before.
3, the size of the mesh or column center distance from the size
4, the thickness of the border and specifications must have the relevant requirements
5, column specifications and length, thickness
6, the size of the flange, thickness
7, the surface treatment of the way (galvanized, hot galvanized, spray, impregnated)
First of all we have to look at the Barbed Wire is how, usually mesh is made of different specifications of the wire welded, wire diameter and strength directly affect the quality of the mesh, in the selection of silk should be selected by the regular manufacturers Of the quality of the wire rod pulled out of the finished wire; followed by the mesh of the welding or preparation process, this is mainly to see the technical staff and good production machinery between the skilled and operational capacity, usually a good mesh is a welding Or the preparation point can be a good connection. Anping some of the regular barbed wire production of large Barbed Wire factory, are using automatic welding machine to produce, and together with small factories are used manual welding, usually difficult to keep quality

Second, we should pay attention to is: the choice of barbed wire frame, some regular manufacturers are using angle steel and round steel, but in different parts of the selection of angle and round steel should also be different.

The final barbed wire of the overall grasp of the spray process, in general, the overall product should pay attention to the uniformity of spray, there is the quality of the coating is also essential.