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Attention Should Be Paid To The Construction Of Barbed Wire Protection

Attention should be paid to the construction of Barbed Wire protection

The Barbed Wire bank has the advantages of local materials, convenient construction and low cost. It is widely used in flood control works. The construction of iron wire cage revetment must be cautious. If handled improperly, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of flood control, thus reducing flood control ability.

In this paper, the paper discusses several problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of the aronda river railway bridge in tangyuan county, heilongjiang province.

First, the grave should be handled carefully, so as to prevent the flood. The revetment of the revetment is not enough, or the revetment of the revetment is not strong enough, or there is no foundation at all, it is easy to cause the shore part or the whole landslide.

In general, when the depth of scour is within 4 m, the base of the tomb can be buried directly under the scour depth line 0.5 ~ 1.0 m, and the base surface should be below the bottom of the bottom of the river bed. If the river slope is smaller, the river bed is wider and the river flow is stable, and the foundation can be dug deep into the dry water level.

2. According to the soil condition of the bank, the bedding layer of suitable thickness and particle size shall be set. The cushion layer is generally composed of gravel and coarse sand, the thickness should be 10-25 cm. The particle size of the particle should be adhered to the principle of bedding particle size selection. In the actual construction, the local slope of the slope is the fine sand or fine mud, but not the cushion layer, the occurrence of the slope is destroyed by the hollow. Therefore, in general, the cushion should be properly prepared.

Three, have to have sufficient long cover. If the shore is not capped or capped too short, during the flood season, especially when the curtain is raining, the rain and surface runoff often dip into the levees and wash away the soil, causing the slope to collapse. The ceiling is a flat stone, with a width of 50 to 100 cm. In conjunction with the beach, a gravel and coarse sand can be used to backfill and the width is not less than 10 cm. It is best to cover the top of the soil and cover the grass, so as to effectively prevent rainwater invasion.

4. Get enough. If there is less protection on the bank, the Barbed Wire on the top is loose and there is no tightness on the slope, which will cause some stones to loosen and fall off. In general, the spacing of the bolt is 60 ~ 80 cm. The Angle of the Angle and the slope of the Angle of the Angle of protection is more than that of the slope. The spacing is usually 50 ~ 60cm.

5. Set up the t-bar of the situation. Some of the Banks are located in areas where the river is running at a high rate or is facing water. A 1-2 but-type dam can be installed in the proper place upstream to reduce the flow rate of the river and prevent the bank from being washed away by the flood.

Although the Barbed Wire material has many advantages, because the Barbed Wire is brittle material, the wire mesh reinforced concrete will have brittle failure

Research contents:

1), from the fiber enhancement principle and the damage of concrete according to the theoretical analysis of research on the concrete component of Barbed Wire woven mesh, Barbed Wire enhancement mechanism and failure analysis, using the theory of fiber reinforced concrete concrete member is deduced the calculation formula of the flexural bearing capacity of normal section.

2), according to the theoretical calculation of concrete results, and based on the 7 d and 28 d compressive strength and splitting strength of concrete laboratory test, it is concluded that meet the requirements of test of concrete and the strength of the concrete.

3), the research in the case of different number of Barbed Wire bundle, Barbed Wire woven fabric reinforced concrete plate, wire joint Barbed Wire bending strength of reinforced concrete plate mechanics test analysis, and the plain concrete plate and wire

Compare the net concrete slab. The reinforced concrete slab with Barbed Wire mesh reinforced concrete slab with Barbed Wire mesh reinforced concrete slab is compared.

4), and analyze the experimental data of concrete plate, wire reinforced concrete plate, wire woven fabric reinforced concrete plate, wire joint wire reinforced concrete plate failure causes and failure pattern are analyzed.