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An Analysis Of The Reasons For The Shortage Of The Folding Storage Cage Market

An Analysis of the Reasons for the Shortage of the Folding Storage Cage Market
Generally speaking, once the Folding Storage Cage display position for a long time, the goods will "not see" Folding Storage Cage inventory for this issue, do not believe that the store's initiative and professionalism, quality and sales, it is the manufacturers Always want to pay attention to the face of orders, manufacturers to take the initiative to intervene so that the task of leading orders, the ideal order of some store staff is very blessed manufacturers under the proposed order, assuming that you can maintain excellent inventory without their own brains, why not for? Second, due to lack of product inventory, or goods sold out and the store has not had time to replenishment and lead to their own face by other brands occupied the scene. In this case, even if the product of these small brands in the warehouse in the goods, but the Folding Storage Cage market often will be "out of stock" or less goods "scene. So, for those who are weak and small For the supplier, the best way is to clean up their own rows in a timely manner.One of them, because the Folding Storage Cage panic, the store will "sell" the brand to the brand. Especially for those small and medium suppliers, because No full-time sales staff, its products in the store mainly in the form of natural sales because of its brand layout wide, squeeze "some small brands. So, the best way is to supply trade dealers every day regularly clean up their own row of display, once presented because of their product row was "squeeze" and "out of stock" in time to communicate with the store. This process in the promoters, tally clerk will carry forward the role of a well-known, the business for the Folding Storage Cage competition is natural. Precisely speaking, due to furnishings caused by the shortage of goods, "there are two: so this request providers should be very neglect their goods in the store inventory, once the product inventory break through the security position, and remind the store when the single" replenishment " Storage cage furnishings are also a non-subjective factor in driving out of stock, or by the brand "buyout" Folding Storage Cage furnishings.
Folding Storage Cage with anti-bending, anti-aging, bearing strength, stretching, compression, tear, high temperature, rich colors, made of box-type Folding Storage Cage can be used for turnover and can be used for finished product packaging, Durable, stackable. Can be applied to hardware, electronics, machinery spare parts, refrigeration, storage, transportation and other industries. Acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used to hold food, clean and convenient, parts turnover convenient, stacked neatly, easy to manage. Folding Storage Cage with a variety of logistics containers and station equipment for various types of warehouses, production sites and other occasions.
Folding Storage Cage, also known as storage cage; with storage items fixed, stacked neat, storage at a glance. Folding Storage Cage structure to facilitate the inventory inventory and other advantages, but also improve the efficient use of storage space. In addition, the Folding Storage Cage is durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage business of human consumption and packaging costs.
 In order to allow the Folding Storage Cage to be used for long and safe use, it is desirable to use the Folding Storage Cage correctly as follows:
1, Folding Storage Cage should be protected from sun exposure and rain, so as not to cause plastic aging corrosion, shorten the service life.
2, is strictly prohibited from the high throw in the Folding Storage Cage. Reasonably determine the way in which the goods are stacked in the folded storage cage. Goods placed evenly, do not focus on stacking, eccentric stacking. The folded storage cage carrying the weight should be placed on a flat surface or surface of the object.
3, is strictly prohibited to fold storage cage from the height of the drop, to avoid the impact caused by a violent collision cage broken, crack.
4, forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle operation, the fork as far as possible to the Folding Storage Cage cage hole outside the foot, fork thorns should all extend into the Folding Storage Cage, smooth lift the storage cage can only change the angle. Forks can not hit the side of the storage cage to avoid folding the storage cage.
5, Folding Storage Cage on the shelves, you must use a shelf-type Folding Storage Cage. The load capacity is based on the shelf structure and is strictly prohibited.
6, the installation of steel pipe Folding Storage Cage should be used in a dry environment.