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An Analysis Of The Causes Of The Shortage Of The Storage Cage Market

In general, once the Storage Cage display position to stay for a long time, this product will "not see" Storage Cage inventory for this issue, do not believe that the store's initiative and professionalism, quality and sales, it is manufacturers to Attention to the face of orders, manufacturers to take the initiative to intervene so that the task of leading orders, ideally some of the store staff orders is very blessed manufacturers under the proposed order, assuming that you can maintain excellent inventory without their own brains, why not? Second, due to lack of product inventory, or goods sold out and the store has not had time to replenishment and lead to their own face by other brands occupied the scene. In this case, even if the products of these small brands in the warehouse in the goods, but the Storage Cage market often will be "out of stock" or less goods "scene.Therefore, for those who are weak in the small and medium supply Business, the best way is to clean up their own face in a timely manner.One, because the Storage Cage panic, the store will be "shelves" to the brand. Especially for those small and medium suppliers, because there is no full-time Promoters, their products in the store mainly in the form of natural sales. Because of its brand layout wide, squeeze "some small brands. So, the best way is to supply trade dealers every day regularly clean up their own row of display, once presented because of their product row was "squeeze" and "out of stock" in time to communicate with the store. This process in the promoters, tally clerk will carry forward the role of a well-known, the business for the Storage Cage for the natural race is self-evident. Fine, because of the furnishings caused by the shortage of goods, "there are two: so this request suppliers should be very neglect their goods in the store inventory, once the product inventory break through the security position, and remind the store when the next single" replenishment "warehousing Cage furnishings are also a non-subjective factor that provokes out-of-stock, or by the brand, "buyout" Storage Cage furnishings, and will be squeezed by other brands.
How to use the warehouse cage to the logistics warehouse to establish a sound storage system, so as to achieve less effective results. Improve the efficiency of the enterprise is the greatest wealth!
Storage Cage can be folded up, there are a lot of advantages and features, galvanized Storage Cage is a very good quenching compared to the use of materials after welding by cooling forming, high strength, can withstand heavy loads of material. With a folding Storage Cage, the warehouse cage to better reflect its value and advantages, it can make warehouse management more orderly.
The use of folding Storage Cage can be folded up and become more rational to organize the warehouse. The Storage Cage specifications are the same shape and size to fit the number of items that are fixed, so in a very clear and clean storage and convenient items of warehouse manager inventory, and have the ability to distinguish the level of independence, There is a small amount of material storage unloading, to avoid the endless search for no head flies.
Storage Cage can be folded up, saving a lot of storage space: the use of Storage Cage can be stacked characteristics, can be very three-dimensional storage materials. Do not use it, you can fold up to store, which can take up a lot less space.
Storage Cage is also called warehouse cage, butterfly cage, folding Storage Cage and folding butterfly cage, with storage capacity fixed, stacked clean, storage at a glance, easy inventory and other advantages, but also improve the efficient use of storage space. In addition, the product is durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage business of human consumption and packaging costs. This product can be used not only for factory production plants, but also for supermarkets as a display promotion and warehousing. Improved Storage Cage can be placed on shelves, pipelines, can also be stacked: with the wheels of the Storage Cage can be quickly and easily in the workshop turnover, with PVC board or iron plate Storage Cage to prevent missing small pieces.
With traction Storage Cage is the Storage Cage around the location of the installation of traction device, generally coupled with the casters, Storage Cage before and after the connection, you can easily in the ground more smooth in the free flow of the venue.
Storage Cage Handling Warehouse Cage Handling Warehouse Cages must be handled by handling equipment, which can carry storage forklift machinery (including counterweight and forward forklift), hydraulic pallet truck, Storage Cage truck, battery tractor and so on. In order to improve the handling efficiency, the two warehouses can be transported together in stacking, but in this way the handling must pay attention to the load-bearing machinery, and the speed of turning. It is absolutely forbidden to stack the three or more warehouses together because it is not only dangerous for the Storage Cage, but more dangerous.