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A Perfect Storage Cage How To Build

A perfect Storage Cage how to build
How to use the warehouse cage to the logistics warehouse to establish a sound storage system, so as to achieve less effective results. Improve the efficiency of the enterprise is the greatest wealth!
Storage Cage can be folded up, there are a lot of advantages and features, galvanized Storage Cage is a very good quenching compared to the use of materials after welding by cooling forming, high strength, can withstand heavy loads of material. ** with folding Storage Cage, warehouse cage to better reflect its value and advantages, it can make warehouse management more orderly.
The use of folding Storage Cage can be folded up and become more rational to organize the warehouse. The Storage Cage specifications are the same shape and size to fit the number of items that are fixed, so in a very clear and clean storage and convenient items of warehouse manager inventory, and have the ability to distinguish the level of independence, There is a small amount of material storage unloading, to avoid the endless search for no head flies.
Storage Cage can be folded up, saving a lot of storage space: the use of Storage Cage can be stacked characteristics, can be very three-dimensional storage materials. Do not use it, you can fold up to store, which can take up a lot less space.
Storage Cage is also a special form of packaging, and the role of similar to the tray, but its steel and mesh, three-dimensional structure and other characteristics of the Storage Cage can be determined for three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage, transport, but also for logistics Warehousing cage, but also for sales tools, set research and development, production, customization, sales and maintenance as one of a comprehensive production and marketing enterprises, is also the first batch of R & D and production of metal Storage Cage, material Storage Cage, folding Storage Cage One of the enterprises. Production of material Storage Cage not only has the traditional Storage Cage storage, handling, transport functions, but also with folding stacking function, so that folding Storage Cage is more convenient and practical.
So what kind of Storage Cage in the end it? I plant a lot of products produced, commonly used are: metal Storage Cage, material Storage Cage, folding Storage Cage, hollow board Storage Cage, heavy Storage Cage, hollow plate Storage Cage, metal box, hollow board box and so on.
The following is the company to customers to buy Storage Cage to give the "three-tier Storage Cage procurement" proposal. We recommend that users in the choice of such products should pay attention to the following points:
1, the weight of goods: the direct relationship between the material Storage Cage load-bearing performance, different Storage Cage bearing the weight is also different, please users in the purchase must be based on their own needs to choose the appropriate metal Storage Cage;
2, whether the need for multi-layer stacking: single-layer stacking and multi-storey stacking requirements on the Storage Cage, before the purchase, please specify a single layer or multi-layer;
3, whether the folding: we recommend the use of folding Storage Cage, to reduce empty space, more convenient, most of the Storage Cage can be folded; can be summarized as: the heavier use of metal Storage Cage, material Storage Cage, folding Storage Cage, heavy Storage Cage, metal boxes and so on. When the goods are lighter, you can use ordinary Storage Cage, hollow board Storage Cage, Storage Cage and so on.
Storage Cage is a kind of logistics container which is very important in warehousing and transportation. It has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, stacking cleanliness, storage at a glance, easy inventory and other advantages, but also improve the effective utilization of storage space. Storage Cage can be free to fold, when not in use can be folded storage, saving storage space.
So what are the measures to keep our Storage Cage?
1, moisture.
North, you can rest assured that the Storage Cage rust. In every foggy weather, with a dry cotton cloth to wipe the appearance of the water droplets; every rain, should be stopped after the rain in time to dry the water can. The south in the outdoor use as much as possible to increase the rain cloth, accessories industry;
2, to prevent bumps.
This is the first to be noted after buying the Storage Cage, Storage Cage in the transfer process should be lightly put; placed Storage Cage surface should be flat to keep the Storage Cage stability.
3, away from the acid and alkali.
Acid and alkali known as the Storage Cage "number one killer". (Such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), should immediately use the water to clean the sewage, and then dry with dry cotton cloth.
4, away from the sun.
Storage Cage placed in the direction of the best to avoid the sun outside the window directly shine. Storage tank long-term taste of the sun, will make the color change color; color paint layer dry off, the metal showed oxidative deterioration.
5, cut off the wet.
Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. Storage Cage should be away from the humidifier, the wet metal will show rust, chrome off and so on. Storage Cage clean, avoid boiled water clean, wet cloth can be used to rub, but do not use water to wash.