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Storage cages uses and characteristics

Technical characteristics:
1. Stack four-legged special design, special punch press forming. Bearing, smooth stacks, safe and secure.
2. Can realize the whole door ajar or earlier, when stacking goods access can also be designed as a two-door storage cage
3. Side mesh structure, reduce weight, reduce costs
4. Bottom beam welding firm and easy to run automatically on a conveyor line
5. Four-direction fork entering the structure at the bottom to facilitate handling requirements such as forklifts and pallet trucks
6. Zinc plated, elegant, strong and durable
Features described:
1. Host stack: bearing capacity under operating conditions, can achieve four-layer stereo falls high, full use of space, covers an area of savings.
2. Easy folding: empty cage shape, do not need to remove any parts, flexibility around folded flat to facilitate storage and warehousing
3. Empty container stack: empty containers to store or transport a collection, fold and stack with each other again, to save logistics cost, foot column designed to avoid crushing each other deformation